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AirPM brings Property Management to the Cloud. Streamline property management tasks in one application. Enable your team and tenants with real-time access to role specific operations. No downloads required! Fully customizable to your brand and experience the way you want! Try for free!

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Your Company Challenges

  1. Inefficient use of staff time – constant searching to retrieve/send documents
  2. Accounts Receivables are not managed effectively resulting in 30+ days delinquent payments which can impact cash flow and value
  3. Investments in applications are disjointed, no single-spot solution to bring it all together
  4. Client experience is scattered and non-cohesive – file sharing solutions, emails, physical memos, etc.

Your Client’s Challenges

  1. Often need to find a copy of a contract, invoice, reports
  2. Delays in payments either from missing invoices, no follow-up, payment method confusion, staff turnover where information gets lost
  3. Expected to use multiple applications from vendors resulting in low engagement
  4. Piecemeal experience in branding using 3rd party solutions (dropbox, email, paper)

Key Features

  • Streamline resources via self-serve platform for Clients: Invoices, payments, contact management, document and data sharing, client inquiries, etc.
  • Integration capability to existing apps for one-stop-shop experience
  • Drive engagement via easy access to real time information – announcements, messaging, event notification, calendaring for key dates, etc.

Revenue Opportunities

  • Billings Management via online invoicing, integrated payments driven by Stripe
  • Automated payment and overdue invoice notifications and escalation
  • Real time virtual inventory accessible to quickly view, manage & market internally & externally
  • Renewal notifications prior to due dates

Demo Account Preview

Customize your client experience the way you want to be seen, with plug-ins for file sharing, communications, invoices and payments ready out of the box!

Pricing & Next Steps

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We develop fast, intuitive, easy-to-use tools that help businesses do their best work

  • Proudly Canadian
  • Scalable to expand with your business
  • Agile International team of coders
  • Bank grade security with artificial intelligence threat detection

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