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Up to 400x faster data entry using cloud based Artificial Intelligence Optical Character Recognition.

  1. Artificial Intelligence powered capabilities to read documents automatically with up to 99.9% accuracy
  2. Streamline process by importing directly to your data & document management system
  3. Empower your team at home making any cell phone camera a scanner connected directly to the cloud application
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Customer Problems

  1. Full time employees stuck on painful chore of data entry tasks
  2. Manual hours/Slower Turnaround time, oversight and typo errors
  3. Missing data points restricts extracting hidden value in business documents

Product Purpose

Hatchet Artificial Intelligence Optical Character Recognition (AI-OCR) increases efficiency, reduces the human effort required for data entry for any employee, at any level of a company.

Traditional OCR fails where:

  • Many different formats
  • Heavy seasonal workloads
  • Small volumes of unique documents

Hatchet Solution

Intuitive Artificial Intelligence assistance with:

  • Receipt & Invoice processing
  • Contract terms abstracting (financial/legal)
  • Client onboarding forms
  • Screenshot/photo text conversion
  • Automated table-to-clipboard for excel analysis

Human-in-the-loop x Hatchet

Where Customers Have Offshore Resources:

  • Increase efficiency and protect against attrition of offshore practice
  • Humans-in-the-loop add additional value and data quality assurance
  • Community opportunity for contributors to up-level training models

Customer ROI Model

  • Hatchet payback within a year
  • Unlock FTE time to do more data entry
  • Reduce required number of FTE doing data entry
  • Increase FTE focus on higher value tasks
Number of Pages 75
Number of Days 5
Number of Weeks 50
Total Pages 18,750
Est. Time per Page (mins) 10
Total Time (hrs) 3,125
Labor cost ($20/hr) 62,500
Before Hatchet cost 62,500
Hatchet cost (Assume $1/pg) 18,750
Assume 2.5 mins/page (vs 10 mins) 15,625
After Hatchet cost 34,375
Annual Savings per Employee 28,125

Product Steps


Capture data from structured & unstructured documents without configuring rules or templates.
Because every company deserves an automated data extraction process.

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