Rapid access to real estate data; anything you need to know about your property in 3 clicks.

From property admin to CEO – fast data analysis tool for decision making.

  • Property/ Tenant/ Vendor Search facility
  • Simple navigation
  • Connected to other platforms
  • Mobile friendly
  • Available from anywhere
  • Live data
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Customer Challenges


End users

What is PropConn?

  • Purpose is to provide an index to frequently needed information via simple and advanced query/search
  • Create an exceptional user experience by providing intuitive and rapid access to common operational information
  • Exploit API’s and SSO capabilities to connect underlying detail in our service applications
  • Bolt-on on top of your existing data & existing app investments

Website Traffic (28 day period)

For Our Launch Partner: Achieved over 50% adoption in first 3 months of launch!


Distinct Users

Usage (From survey responses)

Over 10 different departments find value in using the PropConn

PropConn Functional Structure

Pricing & Next Steps

Pricing Model

Try free for 14 days
  • Demo up and running within 30 days upon receipt and validation of information
  • Work with customer team to bolt on existing external applications / services after demo approval
  • Go-Live Early 2022

Success Stories

Without it, a lot of people would be lost, they would not know how to get certain information, or it would take a long time to figure out how to use other systems.

Paul Wubbolts, Sr. Director IT, Choice Properties REIT

We develop fast, intuitive, easy-to-use tools that help businesses do their best work

  • Proudly Canadian
  • 25+ years of tech & real estate experience
  • Scalable to expand with your business
  • Agile International team of coders
  • Bank grade security with artificial intelligence threat detection
  • PropTech developers with elite real-estate clients

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Tim DinhFounder & CEO